EU PROJECT: Eco-design packaging for the food industry! 

Marketmentoro Ltd, within the ERASMUS + programme in cooperation with institutions from Spain and Sweden, implements EcoDES for FOOD project that aims at developing and providing a comprehensive training through the creation of an e-learning platform for all aspects of the eco- design of packaging for the food industry with an interdisciplinary and traversal approach to the main professionals involved in the production of packaging and agri-food packaging.

The training is focused on six main areas:

  • Techniques and Methodologies for assessing in environmental impact
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Management options for packaging waste use, valuation techniques and final disposal
  • Materials (new materials and best choices for agrifood industry)
  • Eco packaging and food packaging
  • Package-food interactions, quality and shelf life of food depending on the packaging, Best Available Technologies

The target group for this training integrates various professional backgrounds such as design professionals (industrial design engineers and graphic designers), Managers of agribusiness SMEs,
Agri-food manufacturers packaging entrepreneurs and Marketing professionals.

The project is funded by European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme.

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