Erasmus Cyprus: All you need to know about living in Cyprus!

Our help for ERASMUS Students: Our organization is called GAMA fraternity. “GAMA” stands for the third letter of the Greek alphabet and “Fraternity” stands for brotherhood. Our organization is not the same as the other across the world. We are just an independent organization created by students, for students. Our purpose is to help students in Cyprus gain an University Lifestyle, provide any kind of help if we are able to and to bring them all together, giving them the opportunity to extend the communication, share ideas and come closer as students.

Few days ago my team attended an ERASMUS experience meeting held by the StudentLife.com.cy. Cypriot students were talking about their ERASMUS experience abroad the country and they mentioned that it is awesome and it is great opportunity for everyone to try it, but during the first week it is kind of difficult to adapt in the environment.

According to those information, our team decided voluntarily to create a non-profitable and non-official website for ERASMUS Students that are about to study in Cyprus. The project is called “ERASMUMS in CY”, gathering all the necessary information that a foreign student must know, before arriving to Cyprus. By visiting our new website, anyone can get informed about the following stuff:

All public and private Universities located on the South part of Cyprus. providing photos, location and links to the official universities’ websites.

We gathered all the transportation services in Cyprus. Buses services for the following cities: Nicosia (OSEL), Larnaca (Zenon), Limassol (EMEL), Paphos (OSYPA), Famagusta (OSEA) and intercity buses that can travel from one city to another. Containing photos and links to the buses services’ official websites.

We also added the two international Cyprus’ airports including the locations and links to the official airports’ websites.

We added basic information about Cypriot land and mobile phones numbers. At the same page, a student can find out how to get a Cyprus phone number. How to charge credits and how to check it. Links to the telecommunication services providers’ websites are also provided.

The entertainment section is not available yet, but we are working on it to provide the students basic information about night lifestyle in Cyprus, beaches locations, Tourist information and archaeological monuments.

More details: http://gamafraternity.wix.com/erasmuscy

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