Έκθεση Σπουδών 2015: How to Choose and Apply to a British University

Over the 22 years of Zenol Education Centre representing British universities in Cyprus and recruiting  as well as helping students to apply and be accepted to British universities we have always advised students how to apply to the right universities in the UK, according to the university’s entry requirements as well as writing a good and strong personal statement to support their applications.

It is of the belief of Cypriot students that universities in the UK and in particular admissions officers do not read their personal statement which are on their application forms. However, this is not the case and especially if a student is a borderline candidate. It is of paramount importance for a student to “sell him/herself” when writing a personal statement. A student needs to show through the personal statement that he/she is really interested in the subject that they have chosen to apply to and why they are so interested in this. It is important to show interest, motivation and enthusiasm for this and it is always beneficial to back this up with any paid or voluntary work experience in the subject area. This in turn shows the students commitment to the subject and it proves to the admissions officer who will be examining the application the students’ dedication to the subject. If the student’s marks are a borderline case a strong personal statement could persuade the admissions officer to accept the student. We also advise students to visit the universities they have applied to before selecting which university they wish to attend. Seeing the location of the university will certainly help the student decide if they would like to live there for the next few years of their life; if the student is happy with his/her environment then this will contribute to their performance in their university. It is also of the belief by some Cypriot students in Cyprus that they cannot be admitted to a British university if they only have an Apoliterion even with a good grade. Brunel University and some undergraduate course of Newcastle University as well as De Montfort University, University of Westminster, Coventry University, Southampton Solent University and other universities which we represent will accept an Apoliterion with an average mark of 18 – 18.5 out of 20

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