Stories: “A year that I realised how big and small the world is…”

“Last year I went to Barcelona as an Erasmus student. In Erasmus, I learned that everything is temporary. Moments. Feelings. People. It has been the greatest yet the most difficult year. Making friends out of strangers and making strangers out of friends. Appreciating life. Wondering if reality is a dream or dream a reality. Losing and finding my way. A year of missing unlimited trains and catching dozens of flights. A year of eating “convenient” food and dropping my food standards below zero. A year that I realised how big and small the world is. But most importantly, learning that there’s beauty in everything. And everything is possible. The greatest experience has been a trip to Morocco. A big group of Erasmus students went to Morocco. It was amazing seeing life from a different point. There are still Bedouins in the desert and there is such thing as sandstorm. It was very cool to plug out of the world and enjoy a night in the middle of the desert that we crossed by camels and then camp under a sky full of stars. No internet, no technology. Dancing around the bonfire and then stargazing while being with the most random group of people from every part of the world. An experience I will never forget was the Las Fellas Festival in Valencia. We have booked the day trip to Valencia with some friends through an Erasmus organisation. A few days before the trip, we decided not to use the bus back to Barcelona and go to Madrid instead. On our way to Madrid, after a long day, we heard on the news about a fatal bus crash in Barcelona and that 13 Erasmus students lost their lives on their way back. Stuff like this make you realise it could have been you or your friends. Life is unpredictable and every moment is a gift and that was also an important lesson. Life is too short and nothing is ever guaranteed. Erasmus is the best opportunity given at the university. And today we are younger than ever. Live every moment and chase every opportunity. Travel a lot and meet people with different point of views because that’s how you will grow to be more open minded and make friends from all over the world. Challenge yourself, ’cause you will never know how far you will go. Or spend the rest of your life wondering “what if I went Erasmus?” The choice is yours.”

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