Η δεύτερη μέρα στο Sambo έφερε μετάλλιο στην Κύπρο! (photos)

Ανάμεσα σε 20 χώρες και 95 αθλητές, η Κύπρος κατάφερε να ανεβεί στο βάθρο με την Souid Gavriela που κέρδισε την 3η θέση. Οι θεατές δημιούργησαν κατά την 2η μέρα μια εξαιρετική ατμόσφαιρα αφού όλοι κυνηγούσαν τα πολυπόθητα μετάλλια.

Είναι αλήθεια ότι ο καιρός εδώ στην Κύπρο βοηθά σε μεγάλο βαθμό την ομαλή διεξαγωγή των αγώνων και αφήνει τους αθλητές να είναι προσηλωμένοι στον αγώνα!

The 1st Sambo World University Championship keeps the spectators of Cyprus in great excitement. 95 athletes, 56 men and 39 women, are participating in this spectacular event. The athletes come from 20 countries which are Cyprus, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Makedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Serbia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia and Belgium.

It is important to be noted that the atmosphere between the spectators on the bleachers is something amazing. Both the athletes and the spectators try to support their teammates and they do that in a very decent way without causing any troubles.

The end of the second day finds everyone eager for the final matches and the closing ceremony. Fortunately, the athletes found the sunny weather to be their ally in both their matches and their accommodation in Cyprus. Until now, everybody expressed their satisfaction for the event and we hope for a good final day as well, in order this Championship to finish with the best memories.

MEN -57
1st Place – Danielian Mikhail (RUS)
2nd Place – Khalmatoc Dilshot (UKR)
3rd Place – Azhikanov Talgarbek (KGZ)
3rd Place – Yanakov Borislav (BUL)

MEN -68
1st Place – Korobkin Sergei (RUS)
2nd Place – Askarov Kamran (AZE)
3rd Place – Ievdoshenko Dmytro (UKR)
3rd Place – Ganiev Bakhodir (UZB)

MEN -82
1st Place – Stetsenko Dmytro (UKR)
2nd Place – Gogoladze Imeda (GEO)
3rd Place – Karykau Nikita (BLR)
3rd Place – Pakhmov Ivan (RUS)

MEN -100
1st Place – Eliseev Dmitriy (RUS)
2nd Place – Tachii Denis (MDA)
3rd Place – Segard Antony (FRA)
3rd Place – Yarmaliuk Raman (BLR)

1st Place – Danilovich Kseniya (BLR)
2nd Place – Kusiaeva Izira (RUS)
3rd Place – Truica Diana (ROU)

1st Place – Shevchenko Anastasiya (UKR)
2nd Place – Mukhtarova Gulfia (RUS)
3rd Place – Ionescu Andrea Elena (ROU)
3rd Place – Lorencic Vivien (SLO)

1st Place – Jandric Ivana (SRB)
2nd Place – Lugova Margarita (RUS)
3rd Place – Squid Gavriela (CYP)
3rd Place – Greskova Ganna (UKR)

1st Place – Filippovich Anastasia (RUS)
2nd Place – Pylypenko Natalia (UKR)
3rd Place – Masy Deborah (BEL)
3rd Place – Shuhunova Valeryia (BLR)

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