Discover Europe – with a scholarship of the Schwarzkopf Foundation!

You like to travel and you want to get to know more about our European neighbours — and you are not older than 25 or 26 years?

The Schwarzkopf Foundation awards two kinds of scholarships for project trips in Europe:

The classical scholarship scholarship of 550 €

• for Germans travelling between three to six weeks in Europe (Member States of the European Council)
• and for non-Germans in Germany only
• travelers should not be older than 26 years during their trip

InterRail Global Pass in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn

• one month travel in 30 countries of Europe
• travelers should not be older than 25 during their trip



• Each trip has to be planned and undertaken solely by the recipient.
• The travel has to be carried out under a defined research topic regarding current cultural or political developments in the context of European integration.
• Not later than three months after the journey the stipendiary is requested to submit a detailed report of at least 10 DIN A4 pages.
• The scholarships are not to reimburse travel costs for participating in conferences, language courses, internships or suchlike but to support project trips in Europe only.



• The classical scholarship classical scholarship classical scholarship supports the project with 550 €. 400 € will be paid by start of the travel and 150 € after presenting the report. The scholarship holder decides how to spend it.
• With the InterRailGlobalPass InterRailGlobalPass InterRailGlobalPass the scholarship holder travels one month for free in European Countries of his or hers own option within the 30 European partner countries of the Deutsche Bahn. She or he has to spend all costs besides the travel costs by him- or herself

Next deadline for applications:           1. September 2014


Please find the conditions and details for applicants here:

Classic scholarship:  http://bit.ly/1xRVlQO
InterRailGlobalpass:  http://bit.ly/1kDQ6vJ
For further questions please contact Ilka Keuper via i.keuper@schwarzkopf-stiftung.de



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