Angeliki Christodoulou

Hey! I am Angelique Xaritena! When I start experimenting with makeup I didn’t have any reliable source to learn anything. My mum didn’t wear any makeup so I thought she didn’t know anything and I never actually ask her for any beauty advice. So I did what everyone did at that time, google it! It was then that I discover Youtube, for me it was the holygrail! After a long long time I decide to open my own Youtube channel and then my blog followed! And now I am here, writing for StudentLife! My goal from the beginning is to teach girls and women around the world what I learned! I want every girl out there to not to be in the same situation as I was, I want my posts to be a reliable source for everyone that wants to learn about beauty and fashion! So join me and have fun reading! Kisses Angelique Xaritena